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When you build your home with my company you will have one contact person, me. With larger companies often you will work with one person during the planning and contract phase and then once your build begins you find that you don’t actually recognize anyone on site. I listen to my customers very intently. This serves two purposes, it serves them well from both a design and financial perspective and it improves the planning and build process which creates a better end result for my customers.

Whether you’re building your starter home or your dream home. We strive to build homes that customers love and visitors remember because they have unique features that set the home apart from all the others. Think about this, when was the last time you went to the parade of homes and looked at a variety of homes and an hour later you didn’t remember anything about a certain house? In our opinion that’s a fail.

We strive to create a memorable, unique home with custom features that are an expression of who you are and emphasizes the key parts of your home.

Trident Homes LLC is a family owned home building and remodeling company with a focus on innovative design, clear communication, and energy efficiency.

Our experienced team crafts our imaginative plans into homes of uncompromising quality. Our construction professionals have years of hands-on experience in the building industry. This knowledge provides us with a unique understanding of the various elements of home construction.

Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy throughout the building process, resulting in their own unique, exceptional, high-quality home at an affordable price.

We invite you to experience the difference!

Design with Passion. Build with Purpose. Live with Style.

These are the guiding principles behind every new JBI custom home. Our team is committed to providing our clients with exceptional homes, outstanding value, and a rewarding home-building experience. JBI Elemental was formed by three friends with different backgrounds and a shared philosophy – that form and function can be combined with style to create contemporary, livable luxury. We strive to fuse each of these elements together in every new home we build in the Treasure Valley.

Amyx Signature Homes has been a part of the Treasure Valley for over 46 years.

Jim Amyx, a highly celebrated builder and developer, began the company with his father and grandfather in 1962. The Amyx name has since become a signature, representing homes of fine design, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Todd Amyx, President of Amyx Signature Homes, is a Boise native and the fourth generation of Amyx builders, continuing a family tradition. Todd began his tenure as President almost 26 years ago and has introduced new vision and innovative design to the solid quality construction that built Amyx Signature Homes’ loyal reputation.

Todd has grown not only with the company, but the Treasure Valley, in which he has a lifetime of deep respect. Todd Amyx is the past President (2004) of the local Building Contractors Association (BCA) and currently serves on the Board of Directors at both the local and national level in the perpetual effort to help form government regulation and maintain affordable housing for the public. The BCA has recognized Amyx Signature Homes through various awards, including The L. Wayne Terrell Award for both Todd Amyx (2004) and Jim Amyx (1968, 1969); and the Robert H. Vincent Builder of the Year award (Jim Amyx, 1976), and Todd Amyx in 2005.

There is nothing quite like a new home. There simply is not a feeling that describes a comfortable and secure home.

Owning a home that centers you and your family has a positive affect on your day-to-day lifestyle and allows you to express yourself through your homes individuality. When you walk into a quality home, the feeling starts the moment you open the door. When you buy a new home, you are making statements about how you want to live, your dreams and the memories you make there with family and friends. Building a home is something that you can create, to make it your own.

Whether you choose a Stacy Construction design or find one you want to customize, Stacy Construction Inc. has the resources to make the project a success. Great design also means quality, this word gets kicked around a lot but it is evident in the design and the way the home is built. At Stacy Construction Inc., we pride ourselves in allowing every home we build to be customized to fit the needs of your family. It starts with good floor plans and elevations, and continues with a variety to ways to personalize your home even further.

At Stacy Construction Inc., we do everything possible to make the building process a comfortable and enjoyable experience.  We sincerely want to be the homebuilder of your choice and would like to meet you to do a personal walk through of one my model homes.

Jon and Russ started Tresidio Homes in 2009 based on their passion for home design and construction, and because they had a deep desire to create a better home building experience.

They’d seen too many customers frustrated with the lack of professionalism and organization in the industry, and they knew they could create a much more enjoyable building process – one that is organized, yet flexible, and without the communication headaches that home building is known for.

They founded Tresidio Homes with the intention of building personalized homes of exceptional quality, delivering on promises and creating a customer experience that was actually easy and fun.

Along the journey of growing into who we are today, we focused on listening to our customers. We never wanted to lose sight of what they wanted from a home building experience.

Today, we are an established full-service custom home builder that builds approximately 100 homes a year – which is large enough to give our home buyers peace of mind but small enough to always be able to keep a personal touch.

At Titan Homes, we believe that through good communication, an outstanding attitude and by using only high quality subcontractors, we can provide an outstanding building experience that will exceed your expectations. Many customers have been apprehensive in the beginning of the building process, only to find that out that it was much easier than they expected. Everyone has heard horror stories of a house that took too long, went way over budget and there was no accountability by the contractor or the sub contractors. We understand that, and that is why in everything we do, we are looking at it from our customer’s perspective. Our goal is not 99% customer satisfaction. That only means you tried really hard, but fell just short. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and something we constantly strive for. Visit for more information.
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